Brief #007: Law Firm Messaging Strategies During Covid-19 & Times of Crisis

• 1 min read

Making Clients Look Good on Video Calls, and more

This Week's Favorite

Law Firm Messaging Strategies During Covid-19 & Times of Crisis · 20 mins read

The team at f2 share in their multi-series brainstorming strategies and insights while recognizing that every firm is in a different situation and that everyone, including experienced marketers, is trying to navigate this uncharted terrain.

Business Development

What Lies Beneath a Successful Marketing Campaign · 4 mins read

Most firm overlook the importance of a great content strategy.

"A successful content plan looks like this—you write great content; optimize it for search; wait for the page to start ranking on Google; and finally collect all the traffic that comes your way". Except, things are a bit tricky, this article goes behind the scene for you.


Professional Development in a Crisis [Podcast] · 45 mins listen

"These are challenging times for all of us, but there are still great ways to advance your career as a lawyer, even in a time of social distancing. You have to be proactive, take care of yourself, be realistic and accept that it is harder now to juggle work and family" The American Health Law share practical tips.

This Is How Lawyers and Clients Look Good on Video Calls · 4 mins read

"Despite the occasional frozen screen or mute button mishap, after months of videoconferencing, most of us have the hang of it. The novelty has worn off and, honestly, it can be painful to be in a meeting with someone who is just figuring out how to use the conferencing platform, or work their mic, or share their screen. OK, obviously, you know how to handle yourself and look good on video calls, but what about your clients? Here are handy reminders from Lexicon’s Scott Brennan for making sure you are both webcam ready"

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