Brief #021: Is Your Website Losing Clients? 3 Reasons to Update Your Firm’s Site Today

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Why Law Firm Profitability Matters More than ever, Lawyer Productivity, The cost of contract complexity and more...

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Is Your Website Losing Clients? 3 Reasons to Update Your Firm’s Site Today

If you haven’t updated your firm’s website in a few years, YOU could be the one making people want to toss their computers across the room. To win over clients and keep up your firm’s image and reputation, you need to refresh your website regularly

Law Firm Business Development

Why Law Firm Profitability Matters More Than Ever

Law firms have long been viewed as profitable enterprises and organizations where the partners make a good to very good living. Clients know that and, frankly, don’t care. None of this is about how much money lawyers make – even the young lawyers whose services firms are currently so desperate to retain. Rather, it’s about figuring out how to bring the most effective combination of resources together to address whatever the clients’ needs are, at the right price.

Lawyer Productivity | 10 Things Lawyers Should Stop Doing

The problem with goal setting, resolutions, intentions — whatever you want to call the trigger for behavioral change — is that we typically focus on adding some new layer of complexity into our days. We zero in on efficiency gains, which involve getting more things done in less time, rather than effectiveness gains, which involve getting the right things done.

Online Marketing for Law Firms - 30 Essential Strategies

Online marketing can be an intimidating task for law firms, especially those that are new to the game.

The biggest firms who have the most resources may find themselves investing in most of these areas, but don’t worry, you can still generate new business by identifying what online marketing strategies work best for your firm, and then focusing your limited time in those areas.


The cost of contract complexity (228)

Achieving true gains likely will require a far greater use of standards than occurs today. The high costs of not standardizing and the transparency being provided by AI tools and contract rating services make it likely that the pace of standardization is on the cusp of rapid acceleration. As this happens, we should expect to see gains in both the contract formation process and in post-execution contract management.

LinkedIn: Where Thought Leaders Go to Learn and Collaborate — Harrington - Thought-Leadership Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

With more than 750 million users worldwide, it is by far the largest business-to-business social networking platform that exists. That attorneys—many who need to build their books of business and who operate in a B2B environment—would avoid LinkedIn seems counterintuitive and counterproductive. Yet, based on my own experience and the observations of those who concurred, there seems to be a tremendous opportunity gap between the attorneys who are already reaping the rewards of an active LinkedIn presence and those who remain on the sidelines.

The 21 skills you need to master for legaltech, legal ops & innovation jobs

As with any categorization effort, some generalization is necessary. A lot of the roles in legaltech, operations and innovation overlap even if their titles are different, and equally can vary where their titles are the same or similar. Teams in this space remain relatively small, so a lot also depends on the individuals.

Brief #020: Law Firm Marketing 101 - Complete Guide →

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