Brief #020: Law Firm Marketing 101 - Complete Guide

• 1 min read

How to Identify and Resolve Customer Problems, Write And Execute A Sales Strategy and more..

This Week's Favorite

Law Firm Marketing 101 - Complete Guide · 10 mins read

Did you know that 1 out of 3 people looking for a lawyer begins their search online? If you want to fuel your client acquisition efforts effectively, you can’t afford to neglect your online marketing strategy. This complete guide covers all aspects of how to market a law firm from A to Z.

Business Development

Pain Points: How to Identify and Resolve Customer Problems · 7 mins read

People buy your products or services to solve a pain point.If your salespeople can zero in on what those pain points are, they’ll have a much better shot at making the sale as they’ll be able to show the customer how your products specifically solve their pain points. Everyone is unique, but in business, problems tend to boil down to five key points: finance, productivity, people, process, and support.

SPIN Selling: The Complete Guide for Salespeople · 5 mins read

Rather than actively pushing the idea of buying, salespeople allowed it to grow more organically through a series of questions. As Rackham says, “my objective is not to close the sale but to open a relationship.”


An Ultimate Guide For Business Blogging In 2021 · 6 mins read

Whether you are a professional or a new to blogging, you might be surprised by how big changes have been introduced in 2021.

The Legal Industry’s Next Digital Frontier: The One-Stop Shop Solution· 4 mins read

Today, technology is being used by lawyers on a daily basis, from document signing to data rooms, to providing enhanced insight during processes like M&A due diligence or eDiscovery.

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