Brief #019: Why You Should Look Beyond Legaltech: 4 Surprising Reasons to Leverage Non-Legaltech.

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Lawyers and LinkesdIn, Non-Negotiable Clients, and more

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Why You Should Look Beyond Legaltech: 4 Surprising Reasons to Leverage Non-Legaltech.

"Legaltech, lawtech, legal technology and Legal IT. But have you thought about techtech? What’s techtech I hear you say? Well, it’s all the other tech lawyers and their clients use. The tech that isn’t badged “legaltech”. Why mention this? If you focus exclusively on legaltech to solve your business problems, you may be missing out on a wealth of more mature, better supported and more functional or flexible solutions used outside of law, and often used heavily by legal clients. Find out why this can make a massive difference, and the costs of overlooking the not so obvious opportunity of #techtech."

Law Firm Business Development

CRM And Case Management Systems — How To Get Started

In 2021 and beyond, capturing all relevant information and drawing appropriate conclusions is the foundation of the law firm of the future: where data is king, and analytics are non-negotiable. This deep-dive with an experienced law-firm explains why.

5 Reasons LinkedIn for Lawyers Should Be a Go-To Tool

"There really is a power of value in properly using LInkedIn for maximum effect and it is an ideal platform for lawyers to use in order to create a powerful online presence. Being useful, relevant and responsible with content via LinkedIn means lawyers can genuinely profit by lifting their exposure massively – and create valuable new clients in the process"

Trust me, I'm a lawyer

"If people don’t trust you, they won’t hire you. At first, they may give you the benefit of the doubt, especially if you were referred to them, but that trust can be lost in a heartbeat."


Four Non-Negotiable Offerings Law Firm Clients Now Expect

"Because of the impact of COVID-19, the practice of law is changing  – and quickly. By way of example, many law firms transitioned to remote working at the start of the pandemic and many continue to have work-from-home mandates in place. Similarly, videoconferencing has become the norm, and court appearances, hearings, and trials are now occurring virtually on a regular basis in many jurisdictions. Likewise, law firms have incorporated cloud-based remote working tools into their workflows, including VOIP phone systems, online fax, and law practice management software."

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