Brief #017: The Importance of Empathy in Law Firms

• 1 min read

Law Firm SEO Made Simple, Lawyer Referrals, and more

Excerpt: Law Firm SEO Made Simple, Lawyer Referrals, and more

This Week's Favorite

The Importance of Empathy in Law Firms · 6 mins read

“Running a law firm requires a lot of skills. You need to have great legal acumen, the ability to time manage, administrative capabilities…” But which matters more and helps you secure and grow your client-base—empathy tops the list.

Business Development

Law Firm SEO Made Simple: How Your Law Firm SEO Can Crush It On The Search Engines · 7 mins read

“The playing field for generating high rankings and decent traffic will always change, but paying attention to the right metrics and fundamentals will assist your firm in its goal of achieving high rankings and generating good traffic from qualified ‘leads’.” This article walks through step-by-step how to achieve that goal.

Send this email to all of your clients · 1 mins read

“Your clients (and prospects) have other legal needs besides the ones you handle. They need a divorce and you only handle bankruptcy. The want to start a business and you only do estate planning.” Here’s how to navigate an effective Lawyer-to-Lawyer referral.


Why will this year be different? · 2 mins read

Using an idea popularized by Tim Ferris, this article goes through an alternative to planning your year. Not by making goals or resolutions, but trying this instead.

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