Brief #016: 2021 Predictions: The Market View

• 1 min read

12 Rules of Client Service, Giving Clients More, and more

This Week's Favorite

2021 Predictions: The Market View · 21 mins read

"What a year it has been! Even beyond the impacts of the pandemic there have been plenty of significant changes in the legal tech sector and across the legal world as a whole. But what of next year?" A range of global legal expert think ahead on what 2021 will bring.

Business Development

What About Paris? : The 12 Rules of Client Service · 1 mins read

Is It Worth Investing in Digital Marketing for Law Firms? · 3 mins read

"Digital marketing can help your law firm in a variety of different ways. It can attract visitors to your site, turn those visitors into leads, and turn those leads into clients. And you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to get those results."

Finding Your Niche · 30 mins listen

In this episode, Alay Yajnik and Stephen Seckler, President of Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching, discuss:

  • Why all lawyers should strive to build a book of business
  • How to get started with business development
  • The benefits of having a clearly defined niche or focus to your marketing


Law Firm Communication — How To Give Your Clients More · 5 mins read

"Lawyerist cites that the number one reason for bar complaints is ‘failure to communicate’. You’d think that law firms would spend a lot of time training and perfecting their communication skills. While some firms make it a priority, we’re yet to see a communication section on the bar exam!" Here's how to get that edge.

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