Brief #012: Content and Social Media Strategy (A 2021 Outlook)

• 1 min read

Simplified Law Firm Models, Legal Remote Work myths, and more

This Week's Favorite

Content and Social Media Strategy (A 2021 Outlook)· 5 mins read

"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress around the world, it’s important to evolve your content marketing strategy—now more than eve.

What is 2021 going to look like for content marketers? Is there any way to get prepared?"

Business Development

Guest Blogging For Lawyer — Build Your Audience And Your Network At The Same Time · 2 mins read

If you've being pumping out great articles to no avail? If you’re not getting enough hits to your website, there’s a weapon in the blogging arsenal that you’re going to want to try: guest blogging.

BUSINESS MODEL Simplified · 1 mins read

How do you differentiate your firm from several others seeming to offer the same thing? Here's a quick read on re-thinking (or re-aligning) your model

3 Reasons Law Firms Need to Implement Local SEO · 3 mins read

"Local search is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your website and also increase the footfall in your office. Its importance continues to grow as the number of local searches is rising significantly."


Better than a testimonial? · 1 mins read

"Is there anything better than a glowing testimonial or review from a happy client?

Sometimes, there is.

An endorsement from an influential leader in your target market can enhance your status in that market and bring you a lot of clients."

What Law Firms Can Learn from the Remote Work Experience · 3 mins read

"As the pandemic has forced workers to remote locations and law firms to find solutions to support them, several things have become clear. First, the myth that employees can’t be as productive from home has been busted. In fact, some research has shown that they are often more productive when working remotely. However, in order for this to prove true, legal practices need to provide the required infrastructure and collaboration tools."

A manifesto for small teams doing important work · 1 mins read

An encouragement from Seth Godin on what your firm and team may feel everyday: showing up and doing the best work for your clients.

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