Brief #010: Scale: The Three-Step Formula to Grow a $1 Million+ Legal Practice

• 1 min read

100+ Legal Directories, How is Google hurting your practice and more

This Week's Favorite

Scale: The Three-Step Formula to Grow a $1 Million+ Legal Practice · 4 mins read

"Time is often described as the world’s most valuable asset, because everyone wants more of it but it’s impossible to attain … or is it?

Across the economy, entrepreneurs struggle to unshackle themselves from the constraints of time. A few succeed. Most fail. The only way to break free of the ticking clock is to execute strategies that help you achieve scale."

As always, we at Authority Wit are here to help you. Here is how

Business Development

100+ Legal Directories [Updated for 2020] – The Ultimate List of Directories for Law Firms · 10 mins read

"Joining legal directories is one of the simplest and most effective ways for lawyers to grow their online presence while building links at the same time. Directories like Justia, FindLaw, and Avvo among others, can help law firms expand their visibility in search results pages, collaborate with other professionals, get authoritative links to their site, and grow their online authority."

What Google’s New Search Technology Means for Your Law Firm’s Website · 4 mins read

As Google understands more about user search behavior, it improves and innovates its systems. This is an insight into helping you understand how your prospect are thinking and you and the competition.

How to write an effective follow-up email · 1 min read

“Follow-up to our call,” is not the most effective subject line in a follow-up email to someone you just met or spoke to. You want them to open the email immediately, if not sooner as my grandfather used to say. Here's a better approach


The DOJ says Google monopolizes search. Here’s how · 4 mins read

The US Department of Justice and attorneys general from 11 Republican-led states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, alleging that the company maintains an illegal monopoly on online search and advertising. It's going to impact globally, here's a "quick" deep-dive.

The days are long but the decades are short · 6 mins read

In light of all that's happening in the country and across Africa, it helps to put everything in perspective. We underestimate the long term and overestimate the short-term. A delightful article and on a slightly similar note, here's my own 50 principles

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