Brief #009: Pandemic-Proof Your Practice

• 1 min read

Social Media & Extreme Voices, U.S. v. Google and more.

This Week's Favorite

Pandemic-Proof Your Practice · 8 mins read

There's rising disturbance that will probably lead to an increase in cases, and this will create challenges, and a strong motivation for law firms to get serious about effective disaster planning.

Business Development

How This Law Firm is Making Online Business the New Normal · 2 mins read

"In May this year, TropicaLaw firm was born in the middle of a global health crisis. Motivated by the concept of offering legal services online in order to protect both the client and legal team from the risks presented by COVID-19, TropicaLaw joined the line of Legaltech to make the idea a reality."

To Build a Stronger Personal Connection With Clients, Highlight Common Interests · 3 mins read

"Clients increasingly say they want to know more about their lawyers. Having an outside interest in common can lead to a personal connection that puts you at the top of their shortlist."


A First Look at U.S. v. Google [Video] · 26:24 mins watch

On the 20th Oct 2020, the U.S. and a number of states brought a new antitrust action against Google. This video sets out a preliminary analysis of the complaint by Prof. Picker of The Chicago Law School.

Considering Google and Facebook's investment in the African continent, this will set several precedence.

Why Social Media Makes Us More Polarized and How to Fix It · 4 mins read

Mathematicians are teaming up with political scientists to create models of how social media divides us, and results suggest at least one popular solution might actually make the problem worse -- the key point: social media amplifies extreme opinions

A new justice transformation strategy for the Imo people in Nigeria · 3 mins read

"A new justice strategy is launched, transforming justice in Imo state, Nigeria, to be more user-friendly for citizens. This justice strategy has been developed by a coalition of leading stakeholders from the justice ecosystem in Imo state. This coalition reflected the multi-layered reality of the justice system in Nigeria and represented the government, civil society, and academia."

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