Brief #008: What is a Legal Business Continuity Plan?

• 1 min read

Keeping Cost and Team, On Patience, and more.

This Week's Favorite

What is a Legal Business Continuity Plan? · 3 mins read

"Most organizations understand that having some type of an approach to deal with unforeseen obstacles is a good idea, but a surprisingly large number of businesses don’t have a continuity plan. Legal teams may view the continuity planning process as an overwhelming task, but when approached systematically, even the smallest legal team can create a solid continuity plan."

Here's a guide.

Business Development

How to Successfully Cut Costs and Keep Your Team Together in Tough Times · 6 mins read

"Right now, businesses are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs.

Between the down-turned economy and a customer base not as willing to spend money, many boards and CEOs are demanding their companies trim a significant amount of fat to get through the hard times."

Here's how to balance the challenge of cost and keeping the team together.

LinkedIn For Lawyers — The Last Organic Social Network? · 4 mins read

"Sites like Facebook and Instagram have turned social media success into a pay-for-play situation. Although Instagram marketing can boost your firm’s visibility and brand awareness, the current economic climate means most attorneys are keeping an eye on spends. Is LinkedIn the last platform where organic reach and content trump cold hard cash?"

This is a concise step-by-step on using the new LinkedIn to engage clients.


Clients are going digital, and so must the lawyers · 12 mins read

"The common critique that law firms are no match for the digital economy is not borne out in the FT Top 30, a selection of the most innovative law firms in Europe."

This chronicles the top 15 European firms and how they've embrace digital transformation both for themselves and their clients. Some are pacesetters, some are sprinters and some are stalwarts

Patience · 1 mins read

"You didn’t sign up any new clients today. You didn’t settle any cases or close any deals. You didn’t deposit any money.

Bad day? Not necessarily."

Here's to courage and time.

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