Brief #005: The Client Experience of the Future

• 1 min read

Reshaping Litigation Finance, 5 B2B Email Techniques, and more

This Week's Favorite

The Client Experience of the Future · 7 mins read

"The success of the modern law firm hinges on its ability to adapt and pivot. Even before being struck by a global health crisis, the profession has been experiencing significant disruption due to rapid changes in technology that reshaped client expectations. Today, the combination of these two factors results in an urgent need for law firms to embrace change like never before."

Business Development

Lawyer Marketing: It Pays to be the Expert · 2 mins read

Most clients looking for a lawyer are facing significant issues – divorce, re-structuring, defending their business in a lawsuit, and so on. These are significant issues, and they’re often overwhelming. Consumers facing these situations want to hire a lawyer that they can trust to guide them through. How can you effectively tell your story as a lawyer and present needed expertise?

5 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Try · 5 mins read

Would you like to improve your B2B email marketing strategy but aren’t sure where to start? Too many firms make the mistake of using the same approach for their B2B email campaigns as they do for their other emails. This article defines a few ideas on trying things differently.

Instagram Automation: How to Do It Right in 2020 · 14 mins read

Most firms are not sure how to approach Instagram, and you probably don't need me to tell that leads to an opportunity for those that get it right. This is a guide to the "public" secret of Instagram, automation. Roll-up your Social BD sleeves.


How Technology is Reshaping Litigation Finance · 2 mins read

It's insightful to see the new world shaping litigation globally. This has a focus on the US — the evolving financing options — the global impact.

Six Ways to Think Long-term: A Cognitive Toolkit for Good Ancestors · 14 mins read

With everything 2020 has brought in so far, it’s tempting to be focused on the short term. Roman Krznaric a member of the 10,000 Year Clock project invites us on how to think clearly for the future (for work and personal ventures).

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