Brief #003: Don’t Waste Your Money With a Bad Intake Process

• 1 min read

Fixed Fee Profit, Law Firm Tik Toking & more

This Week's Favorite

Don’t Waste Your Money With a Bad Intake Process · 15 mins read

"Yes, most law firms prefer to use the term “intake” instead of “sales.” That’s fine. Just know that if you aren’t approaching your intake process with appropriate sales strategies, you are likely losing a bunch of business that your marketing money are sending you". It's refreshing to see a fix.

Business Development

Beginner's Guide to Sales Enablement · 4 mins read

There's one great news for any firm today (finally!) selling and marketing have never been easier, primarily because of easier online tools. Still, a key path to success is understand sales enablement.

How to Use TikTok for Business (For Firms Brave Enough) · 7 mins read

Increasingly popular with younger clients with a growing user base. If you're looking to connect with this new medium here's a business crash course.


Why Gen Z Pref­er­ences Should Mat­ter to Law Firms · 2 mins read

"As a new generation of lawyers is about to enter the workforce, they bring new ideas, perspectives and ways of working that are bound to influence how law will be practiced in the future. Gen-Z practitioners will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the profession. Why?"

Doc Automation + Fixed Fees Can Drive Law Firm Profits · 4 mins read

"One of the key barriers to the adoption of productive legal technology* is the fear that if it changes how lawyers work it will reduce their profits. But, a new survey on the use of fixed price legal services suggests that when combined with document automation, lawyers can make more money, not less, especially with matters perceived to be ‘complex’."

How To Make Zoom Meetings Actually Enjoyable · 5 mins read

"We’ve all been in those zoom meetings where you sit there thinking “this all could have been sent in an email.” This is the fastest way to lose attention and turn it into drudgery. The key to success is to email ahead of an agenda and keep the meeting succinct."

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