Brief #002: 7 Ways The Pandemic Will Forever Change Law Practice

• 2 min read

Effective Firm Marketing, CRM Strategy and more

This Week's Favorite

7 Ways The Pandemic Will Forever Change Law Practice  · 7 mins

"We are all experiencing the immediate impact of the Coronavirus crisis on our professional lives and careers. But how will this crisis impact the legal profession over the longer term? Will we eventually return to the legal world that once was?"

Business Development

How to Effectively Market your Law Firm Post Lockdown · 6 min read

"The last few weeks have been a unique and challenging time for us all, mentally and economically. As we all now start to plan how we emerge from our bubbles post lockdown"—more importantly how you tell your firm's story in the post-pandemic world.

How to Use Conversion-Focused Website Design to Get More Clients · 3 mins read

The cheapest and most effective business development strategy for any law firm is a good SEO strategy. SEO may get potential clients to click through to your site, but if they don’t see enough information on your site to trust that you’re an authority in your practice area — or can’t find your contact information — you will lose them. Here's how to get them to come and convert.

Craft a CRM Strategy for Challenging Times · 3 mins read

As countries grapples with the fallout from COVID-19 (coronavirus), many believe that the economy will soften for the foreseeable future. As savvy investors know, buying defensive stocks provides a steady stream of dividends and stable earnings during challenging economic times. Attorneys should apply a similar strategy by providing extraordinary service to their cash flow-generating clients as part of a key client initiative. Here's how


The Impact of Covid 19 on Legal Businesses · 27 mins read

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing lockdown has had a profound impact on the legal industry as it has on all businesses across the world. Who has been affected the most, and how? Dps Software decided to find out (this is based on firms in UK though there are lessons for Nigerian firms).

Richard Susskind + Mark Cohen debate the future of the legal industry · 10 mins read

This is the live blogged version of the session titled is The Uncertain Decade, “Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen debate the future of the legal industry”— it's interesting to see our top-most legal innovation leaders think of the future of law. (Susskind's Online Courts and the Future of Justice is a great companion read)

One notebook could replace all the productivity apps that have failed you · 5 mins read

"You may have heard of bullet journaling. It’s a productivity pocketknife—customizable, indispensable, satisfying to use—that is helping people track and organize anything and everything in their lives."—here's how to use this "weapon" effectively.

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