Brief #001: What The Legal Teams Of The Future Do Differently

• 2 min read

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What The Legal Teams Of The Future Do Differently

5 mins read

"At times, it can feel impossible to keep up with rapid changes in tech, however, not being able to keep up is a good problem to have. We should challenge ourselves to shift our mindset on this front. Instead of scratching our heads at new technological terms, let’s learn what they mean."


Legal Technology Trends 2020: Digital Courts

5 mins read

"The digital revolution happening in the legal world translates to the rise of many legal-tech startups. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for digital services in the legal sector increased dramatically, especially with regards to litigation – the ultimate ‘face-to-face’ fight (literally) – which was forced to be limited during lockdown and social distancing." What does this mean for you?

GPT-3 – A Game Changer For Legal Tech?

4 mins read

"Tech circles have been lit up over the last few weeks following the unveiling by OpenAI of GPT-3, a new type of pre-trained language model capable of generating natural language text and computer code with the most minimal of inputs. Could it be a game changer for legal technology, especially in relation to NLP tools that analyse text, as well as doc generation systems?"

Why COVID-19 Has Turned Lawyers Into Business Consultants

5 mins read

"At the heart of a lawyer’s job is risk, both managing it and resolving problems when issues occur. What businesses need now is help and informed guidance on how the virus puts their business at risk, be it in employment, health and safety, contracts or rent negotiations, to name but a few."


Are offices still relevant in a post-covid world?

4 mins read

"With the arrival of Covid-19, the vast majority of us have been working from home for the past few months. Far from being a huge disaster, working from home has led many of us to question the relevance of the physical office."

A New Funnel for a New Decade

53 mins read

"Back in March, event strategies were thrown out the window, in-person meetings and travel were canceled, and pipelines took a U-turn. Two weeks in, and many of us were soon competing for desk space with partners and tiny humans at home. (Hopefully, by now you’ve gained some semblance of normalcy in your world – before I throw another rock in it.)" Drift share a new path to acquiring clients for the next 10 years.

Striking the Right Balance: How ALSPs and Law Firms Create a Winning Collaboration

4 mins read

Law firms will still own the strategy and negotiation while representing a client – but the ALSPs will have the expertise and best practices around project management, technology, and how to execute on time and on budget to deliver a high-quality final product for a due diligence review process, for example. Here's our to fill the gap.

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